Junior PMO

India - Hyderabad

Company Overview: 

ZignaAI is focused on delivering innovative solutions that transform healthcare payment operational processes. We empower payers, providers and patients with AI powered software solution(s) that drive transparency in healthcare payment services.  Built-in intelligence enabled machine learning algorithms deliver pre-billing payment accuracy solutions and avoid provider abrasion. We differ from traditional payment services solutions by resolving issues at root by ensuring accurate payments, automating processes, with nudges delivered to billing coders. Our innovative and scalable solutions cover Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial policies and deliver results in weeks. 

Opportunity Overview: 

We are searching for a composed and astute junior project manager to help conceptualize and oversee multiple projects within our organization. To this end, the junior project manager is responsible for detecting gaps that can be closed by projects, collaborating with coworkers to propose suitable endeavors. In so doing, you should follow the deadlines that are set. To be successful as a junior project manager, you should be able to track performance across an array of developments and teams. 

Required Qualifications: 

We are a startup and expect each team member to wear multiple hats, take initiative, and spot and solve problems.  

  • Identifying needs that can be successfully addressed by projects. 
  • Pitching project ideas and securing approval before each project commences. 
  • Developing new project plans in consultation with stakeholders, including clients and staff. 
  • Outlining the human and material resources required to successfully complete each project. 
  • Formulating a resource allocation strategy and utilizing this to distribute work and finances. 
  • Monitoring staff performance to ensure excellence and adherence to specified deadlines. 
  • Evaluating each project's effectiveness by consulting with clients, consumers, and staff. 
  • Reporting on each project's utility upon the uptake of outputs. 
  • Consulting with the leaders to seek guidance and input during the key phase of each project.  
  • Track and manage the risks of the project 

Additional Qualifications: 

  • Possessing a bachelor's degree in relevant field 
  • Knowing project management methodology 
  • Knowledge of product development and SDLC is a plus 

What are we looking for? 

  • Great attention to detail and effective communication skills (written and spoken) 
  • An analytical learning mind who is curious to learn new things 
  • Excellent problem solving and multitasking skills 

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