It’s time to imagine a healthcare industry that’s easy to understand and affordable for all

We at ZignaAI have the vision to create solutions that we would want for ourselves, one that would help us get the best possible care at an affordable rate.

We believe that every American deserves transparent pricing to healthcare that fits their lifestyle and needs. Powered by our human-enabled AI platform, we have built a suite of solutions that are laser-focused on minimizing healthcare costs and enabling payment transparency, whether it’s between a patient and a provider or a provider and a payer.

Our goal is to drive healthcare price transparency and help individuals live healthier lives.

We are driving a transparent reimbursement process to make excellent care available at the right cost.

This means providing innovative, decision-enabling solutions that will drive payment transformation.


Payers and Providers would like to reduce administrative costs by minimizing claims rework and improve their relationships.

Zigna’s RevMaxAI solution has real-time NLP extraction that empowers reviewers with insightful nudges, provides an intelligent workflow to manage operations, and reporting to provide a bird’s eye view of progress.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital price transparency requires providers to publish charges for 300+ shoppable services including payer-negotiated rates.

Our iOS and Android RightPx app helps consumers shop for the lowest price for a service, without compromising on the care quality.

  • Ability to compare prices for 450+ shoppable services
  • Compare providers ratings and make informed decisions
  • Lower costs and generate savings

RightPx MRF Insights

Insights into reimbursements are a critical function for healthcare organizations. Reimbursements vary significantly by geography, market-centricity, coverage of services.

ZignaAI has gathered all the contracted rates by provider and payer for 1000+ services across the nation and this can be used to evaluate reimbursements by lines of business and geographies.

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