AI-powered Healthcare Payment

AI-powered Healthcare Payment Solutions

Zigna’s AI-powered software solutions with in-built intelligence drive price
and first-time payment accuracy

RevMaxAI: Pre-bill Solution

  • Improve first-time payment accuracy with AI-powered pre-bill solutions
  • Minimize clinical and administrative errors with robust content
  • Score claims to predict the likelihood of inaccurate payments
  • Utilize SaaS-based software and technology-enabled services to provide flexible delivery models
  • Integrate with your workflows for seamless adoption


  • Compare prices for 500+ shoppable services
  • Choose a high-quality provider based on quality ratings
  • Make informed decisions and gain savings

RightPx MRF Insights

  • Compare the cost of procedures by payer, geography, and hospital
  • Adjust for quality rating
  • Integrate with your internal applications using APIs
  • Regional and national coverage for hospital charges and shoppable services
  • Normalized and clean data extracts

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