Data Science Team Lead

India - Hyderabad

Company Overview: 

ZignaAI is focused on delivering innovative solutions that transform healthcare payment operational processes. We empower payers, providers and patients with AI powered software solution(s) that drive transparency in healthcare payment services.  Built-in intelligence enabled machine learning algorithms deliver pre-billing payment accuracy solutions and avoid provider abrasion. We differ from traditional payment services solutions by resolving issues at root by ensuring accurate payments, automating processes, with nudges delivered to billing coders. Our innovative and scalable solutions cover Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial policies and deliver results in weeks. 

Opportunity Overview: 

Full-time position, in-office. This position will require the candidate to engage critical thinking skills, be intellectually curious, and demonstrate great attention to detail.  Requires excellent communications skills both written and oral. Must possess the ability to work with a diverse group of talent both in-person and globally. This is a hands-on manager role, that requires the manager to engage in the work of the team being managed. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

We are a startup and expect each team member to wear multiple hats, take initiative, and spot and solve problems.  

  • 5+ years Hands on in Python and data science like tools pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and strong exposure in regular expressions. 
  • 5+ years Hands on experience in Machine learning algorithms like SVM, CART, Bagging and Boosting algorithms, NLP based ML algorithms and Text mining. 
  • Hands on expertise to integrate multiple data sources in a streamlined pipeline. 
  • Strong knowledge in OOPs and creating custom python packages for serverless applications. 
  • Strong Knowledge in SQL querying. 
  • Hands on experience in AWS services like Lambda, EC2, EMR, S3 and Athena, Batch, Textract and Comprehend.  
  • Strong Expertise in extracting text, tables, logos from low quality scanned multipage pdfs (80 - 150 dpi) and Images. 
  • Good Understanding in Probability and Statistics concepts and ability to find hidden patterns, relevant insights from the data. 
  • Expertise in Image Processing tools like OpenCV, scikit-image etc. 
  • Knowledge in Training NLP based Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to enhance and validate the text extraction process from Images and PDFs. 
  • Inquisitive thinking, passion to consistently learn and implement latest technologies and ability to manage multiple projects. 
  • Ability to handle and work with the team.  

Good to Have 

  • Knowledge in applying state of art NLP models like BERT, GPT - x, sciSpacy, Bidirectional LSTMs-CNN, RNN, AWS medical    Comprehend for Clinical Named Entity Recognition (NER). 
  • Strong Leadership Skills. 
  • Deployment of custom trained and prebuilt NER models using AWS Sagemaker. 
  • Knowledge in setting up AWS Textract pipeline for large scale text processing using AWS SNS, AWS SQS, Lambda and EC2. 
  • Should have Intellectual curiosity to learn new things. 
  • ISMS responsibilities should be followed as per company policy. 


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