Research Analyst

India - Hyderabad

Company Overview:

ZignaAI is focused on delivering innovative solutions that transform healthcare payment operational processes. We empower payers, providers, and patients with AI-powered software solutions that drive transparency in healthcare payment services.  Built-in intelligence-enabled machine learning algorithms to deliver pre-billing payment accuracy solutions and avoid provider abrasion. We differ from traditional payment services solutions by resolving issues at the root by ensuring accurate payments, automating processes, with nudges delivered to billing coders. Our innovative and scalable solutions cover Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial policies and deliver results in weeks.

Opportunity Overview:

This is a great opportunity to get associated with a healthcare analytics company and start as a research analyst and deliver meaningful outcomes that reduce the cost of care. The candidate will work closely with the research team and data team to collect needed details for building intelligence in the system. This will involve good research ability, attention to detail, and constant domain knowledge inputs. This position will require the candidate to be intellectually curious, and with great attention to details, This role offers the potential to grow at Zigna in research and gain strong domain knowledge. We are committed to developing and nurturing talent at ZignaAI.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduate with any 3-year degree preferred


  • Good research skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Excel usage experience

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