UI Path RPA Developer

India - Hyderabad

Company Overview:

ZignaAI is focused on delivering innovative solutions that transform healthcare payment operational processes. We empower payers, providers and patients with AI powered software solution(s) that drive transparency in healthcare payment services. Built-in intelligence enabled machine learning algorithms deliver pre-billing payment accuracy solutions and avoid provider abrasion. We differ from traditional payment services solutions by resolving issues at root by ensuring accurate payments, automating processes, with nudges delivered to billing coders. Our innovative and scalable solutions cover Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial policies and deliver results in weeks.

Minimum Qualifications:

We are a startup and expect each team member to wear multiple hats, take initiative, and spot and solve problems.

  •  Any bachelor’s degree or Strong knowledge of UI Path technology.
  •  1-3 years of experience in UI Path RPA development.
  •  Practical proficiency in UI Path Studio, Orchestrator, and Robot.
  •  Ability to play a key role by collaborating with Product owners to understand automation requirements and play a pivot role in designing, developing, testing and delivering High quality Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions using UI Path technology.
  •  Analyse and document processes and workflows to identify automation opportunities.
  •  Create and maintain technical documentation for RPA solutions.
  •  Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to RPA solutions.
  •  Ensure the security and compliance of RPA implementations.
  •  Provide support and maintenance for deployed RPA bots.
  •  Analytical thinking, attention to detail, and keen interest in staying current with industry advancements.
  •  Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  •  Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

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We are here to drive a transparent reimbursement process to deliver excellent care at the right cost