Jun 5, 2024

ZignaAI Launches RevMaxAI Policy Catalog to Transform Healthcare Payment Integrity

Zigna AI Corp (Zigna), a healthcare reimbursement technology solution provider, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking solution, the RevMaxAI Policy Catalog. Designed to address the significant challenges in locating and applying healthcare payor policies, this innovative platform marks a major advancement in the field of healthcare payment integrity. 

The RevMaxAI Policy Catalog offers unparalleled ease of access to a comprehensive repository of healthcare payment policies, fostering simplicity, automation, and integrity within the healthcare payment ecosystem. With its extensive research capabilities, users can effortlessly search through thousands of policies across numerous payors and business lines. The platform also integrates CMS documents with major payor policies, offering new perspectives and a richer understanding. 

Connie Yoerges, Senior Director of Clinical Reimbursement at Zigna, shared her insights on the launch, stating, "The introduction of the RevMaxAI Policy Catalog represents a significant leap forward in our mission to enhance payment integrity across the healthcare industry. By consolidating a vast and fragmented policy landscape into a single, intuitive platform, we are not only simplifying the process for our users but also empowering them to develop and implement their own payment rules with unparalleled efficiency. This is a testament to Zigna’s commitment to innovation and excellence in serving healthcare professionals." 

Key features of the RevMaxAI Policy Catalog include: 

  • Ease of Access: An end to the arduous process of finding relevant healthcare payment policies. Users can now tap into an extensive collection of policies with just a few clicks. 

  • Extensive Research Capabilities: A robust search engine allows for the exploration of policies using varied parameters, fostering comprehensive research. 

  • Transformative Tools: The Edit Builder enables users to convert their insights into actionable payment rules, streamlining the application process. 

  • Benchmarking: Offers the ability to compare policies against CMS and other payor policies for enriched strategic planning. 

  • Grouping by Relevance: Policies can be categorized by diagnosis, billing codes, or procedures, ensuring results are relevant and clear. 

With the RevMaxAI Policy Catalog, Zigna is set to ease the way payment integrity is managed, bringing unprecedented efficiency and clarity to healthcare professionals. The platform addresses the longstanding need for a consolidated, easily navigable source of healthcare payor policies, demonstrating Zigna’s innovative approach to solving complex industry challenges. 

About Zigna AI Corp 

Zigna AI Corp was founded in 2020 with the aim to drive a transparent reimbursement process to make excellent care available at the right cost. Powered by a human-enabled AI platform, Zigna has built a suite of solutions that are laser-focused on minimizing healthcare costs and enabling payment transparency.