Nov 8, 2022

ZignaAI Launches RightPx Price Transparency Payer Solution

RightPx, a Price Transparency Platform empowers payers and providers to gain insights into contracted rates by market and service. Our approach applies deep reimbursement, clinical, technical, and analytics expertise to simplify contracting and reduce price variation.

Madison, Wisconsin, November 8, 2022  - As part of its RightPx Price Transparency offering, ZignaAI transformed both payer machine readable files and provider price transparency data into actionable insights. Drawing upon extensive healthcare reimbursement experience and access to an unmatched wealth of multi-source data, analytics, and technology applications, RightPx pinpoints precise recommendations and prescribes actions to operationalize insights. Leading up to the launch, ZignaAI has gathered a trillion hospital prices, the largest database of healthcare prices. Our client, a Northeast payer has been able to leverage these insights to support their contract negotiations and reduce healthcare costs.

“ZignaAI's capability to enable clients to reach deep insights to simplify contracting by working with our seasoned team of reimbursement experts supports the evolving market intersection of payer-provider partnerships,” said Lalithya Yerramilli, Chief Executive Officer with Zigna AI Corp.

“Our unique capabilities and access to Price Transparency data published by providers and payers give us the ability to provide a single source of truth for contracted rates and reduce administrative costs by providing transparent prices. The result is we can help both payers and providers work together to optimize how care is reimbursed, paving the way for strong partnerships.”

Key highlights of our solution include:

  • Trillion hospital prices
  • 1M+ Providers
  • 1000s services
  • Petabytes of data
  • 1000s of queries per day
  • Strategic consulting

These insights, driven by ZignaAI's innovative technology platform, and reimbursement analytics drive measurable outcome improvements. RightPx provides the right combination of technology and expertise to help healthcare organizations solve healthcare contracting problems simply and efficiently.

About Zigna AI Corp

Zigna AI Corp was founded in 2020 with the aim to drive a transparent reimbursement process to make excellent care available at the right cost. Powered by a human-enabled AI platform, ZignaAI has built a suite of solutions that are laser-focused on minimizing healthcare costs and enabling payment transparency.